MBA is a youth basketball program serving Bethesda, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Potomac and Rockville. We specialize in preparing elementary and middle school players for their Middle school and High school teams. MBA is focused on training, skill devel

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Frequently Asked Questions


Fall Season Player Registration

Q. Can I sign up now for the Fall season?

A. Yes!! Sign up now and your Guaranteed to have a spot on one of our MBA Fall Teams.

Q. Can a group of friends join MBA as a team?

A. Yes. We can form teams with groups of friends together. These teams are typically formed as our Blue teams. Friends can join as a team and stay together if they prefer instead of coaches assessment. Then we will attempt to add players to fill out the roster of that team with similar skilled players.


Cost Questions:

Q. How much is each season?

A. $600 tom $650 a season (Fall, Winter, Spring) plus $100 annual fee

Q. Why do you have an annual fee in addition to the cost per season?

A. We have expenses such as insurance, web hosting, social media, office supplies, subsriptions, training, permits, equipment, t-shirts, uniforms, swag and overhead.

Q. Are there any other costs each season?

A. No. We charge $750 each season and we cover all uniforms, leagues, tourneys, coaching, equipment and training. No hidden fees, no extra fees, no uniform fees ever. We keep things simple and organized.

Prime team vs. Core Team Questions:

Q. What is the difference between Prime Teams and Core Teams

A. For the best description please see the Prime and Core team page listed under MBA Team Programs on the left vertical menu. In general our coaches, parents and players work together to determine the best placement for all our players. The Prime and Core team placements are tools to organize players while we have time to assess them during the season. We can always make changes that benfit our players during and after seasons. Their initial placement isn't as important as their devleopment during the season.

Q. Why was my son placed on the Prime team or Core team?

A. Our coaching staff attempts to compile as much data as possible before placing our players. In addition to our Team Placement & Tryout Process we also assess players during our Annual Preseason Clinic and MBA Summer Camps. In addition to watching players during our programs we also look at players on other teams we play throuhgout the year. We attempt to identify the best situation for each player and then make adjustments as needed throughout the season or year. Players develop at different times so we are adjust as well. 

Q. What if my child is not happy with their team placement?

A. Communication is te key to our entire program. If your not happy we need to understand your thoughts and concerns. Our coaches should be able to communicate to parents and players understand the why they made their placements. Team placement is just the start of our process. We can always adjust during and after the season to ensure players are in the right spot. our focus is on developing our players. 

Q. My child wants to be on a team with his friends. 

A. We can do that! Friends can certainly be placed on teams together. The higher level teams in each grade are determined by coaches assessment around skills, commitment and ability.  Our Blue teams are ideal for players who want to have fun playing with friends while getting better together as a group. 


Playing time Questions:

Q. How is playing time determined?

A. Playing time in games is directly influenced during practices. Players attitude, effort, skills, understanding of team concepts along with intangibles will determine playing time during games.

Q. How does my child earn more time?

A. Playing time is earned during practices. Control what you can and don't worry about anything or anyone else. For example learn the plays or ask for help learning the plays. Learn what your role is and what your teammates role is. Work hard during the drills and try your best to do what the coaches are asking you to do. Make a ton of mistakes and try to learn from them so you can get better. Players can control their attitude, effort, understanding and ask the coach for help. As they develop skills and understanding they will earn more time. They will be practicing at least three hours a week so they will have plenty of time to control what they can and earn more time. 

Q. Why do you want 10-12 kids on a team?

A. Ideally all teams would have 10 kids at EVERY pratice so they can learn plays, have competitive drills and go live to get better through competiiton. The reality is even with 12 kids on a team it is often hard to get 10 kids to EVERY team practice. Without 10 players at practice its harder to teach offensive and defensive concepts and its impossible to play in live game situations to help reinforce those concepts and get better through competition.